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Middle Creek Roofing Case Studies: Shingle Roof Inspection

Thursday, November 14th, 2019 by Janine Riggs
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Homeowner contacted Middle Creek Roofing and requested that we come out and look over their shingled roof. Noted that it was a modular home with some leaking in the bathroom which appeared to be coming from a skylight. 


Middle Creek Roofing completed an assessment of the shingled roof and advised that the roof was at the end of its life. Appears to currently have builder grade shingles installed which typically only last about 15-20 years. There were areas of the roof where someone previously attempted to repair the roof with some type of roof sealant. Skylight was old and failing and should be replaced as well. There were a few other areas on the roof where the shingles were cracked and or missing. Areas around existing roof vents & pipes were heavily caulked with an unknown sealant. 

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