What is a Drip Edge?

Friday, August 4th, 2017 by Jodi Eisenhour

What is drip edge and why do I need it?

Drip edge is a roof flashing that is installed at the leading edge of your shingles near the gutter. It generally is a 1"x3" or 1"x2" piece of metal flashing slipped under the roofing material and over the top of the paper felting underneath the roofing shingles that hangs down into the gutter approximately 1"

The primary object of this drip edge is to keep the rain from soaking up under the roofing shingles and causing dry rot of the plywood under the felt paper. It also diverts water into the gutter instead of going behind the gutter, which could also dry out the wood behind the gutter. This can cause the gutter to come loose and even make it pull away from the fascia board or rafter tails.

The one thing we see all too often is a house that has been re-roofed in the last few years but the roofer did not bother to provide drip edge flashing to eliminate the above problems from happening. We cannot understand how they get away with this as it is one of the most important things you can do when replacing the roof. 

The damage that can occur if drip edge is not installed can be very costly. Some roofers will try to compensate for no flashing by hanging the edge of the roofing material further into the gutter so that the water will fall straight down. This works ok for a year or so, then the roofing begins to curl downward due to gravity. In the meantime trying to clean your gutters becomes very difficult as changing the roofing material further into the gutters makes it difficult to get your hand in the gutter without cutting up your fingers and knuckles in the process while trying to get all the debris out.

It is in your best interest if you take this simple step to protect your home. It is very inexpensive and the alternative is expensive repairs down the road.

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