Do I need my skylights replaced when getting a new roof?

Friday, September 15th, 2017 by Jodi Eisenhour

Skylights are a functional way to save money, and they nourish the brain by ushering in real sun rays. But, like all parts of the home, skylights have lifespans, but there is one instance that may disrupt the tenure of a skylight: roof replacement. Having to install a new roof is a significant construction job that requires a lot of strain on elements that protrude through the roof decking. Experts say always replace your skylights when installing a new roof. A roof replacement is a big deal. The tear-off phase is certainly going to disturb your skylights. There are no kitten gloves that can stop this. Even the best and newest skylights stand a large statistical chance of being compromised. Wood frame, bubble and plastic panes, and skylights that open are extremely likely to fail within a year of a roof installation. There are several seal points that can be disturbed enough to let moisture in. As always, once moisture gets a foothold, it begins to do one of several things: Leaks, warping of moistened material and rotting.


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