Starter Shingles

Thursday, February 1st, 2018 by Jodi Eisenhour

What Is Starter Shingle And What Does It Do?

If you've ever seen a roof being installed you'll notice that the roofers install them in a "staircase" pattern. This is to prevent water from seeping through the seams between each shingle and into your home. The top half of the shingle below catches any water that flows into the seams between shingles and directs it down the roof rather than letting it into the home.

Starter shingles go on under the first row of shingles. Since that row doesn't have a shingle below to protect the seam, the starter shingles act as that barrier.

On the rake (gable) edges of the roof, starter has 2 functions:

First, to provide a nice straight line to cut shingles on. This will give you a nice straight edge when looking up at the roof from the ground. Without a starter strip on the edges, you can see each shingle and the cuts can appear more jagged and less finished.

Second, Starter shingles up the rake edge will help prevent blow offs. As we'll explore a little further down, a good starter shingle will have a tar strip located on one side of it. This will adhere to the shingles installed above it and hold them down, preventing wind from lifting them up and potentially blowing them off.

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