Ice & Water Shield

Thursday, February 1st, 2018 by Jodi Eisenhour

What Is Ice & Water Shiels?

Ice & water shield is a thick, sticky-back underlayment (also known as felt paper) that will adhere to your roof deck and prevent water from seeping into your home if it gets under your shingles.

If an ice dam occurs on your roof and water backs up under the shingles it will seep down into your home through the nail holes holding the shingles on and into your attic. Once there it will saturate plywood, insulation, and drywall, which will lead to interior home repairs on your walls, ceiling, paint, and insulation.

Ice & water shield acts as a gasket around each of those nail holes, creating a water-tight barrier that won't let any leaks happen. If water does get under the shingles, it will stay on top of the ice & water shield and run off your roof where it belongs.

Where Is Ice & Water Shield Needed?

Ice & water shield shouldl be installed anywhere there's a chance of water getting under the shingles. These spots are...

   1. On the eaves of your home up to 24" inside the exterior wall (this usually means at least 2 rows or 6 feet)

   2. In every valley (1 row or 3 feet)

   3. Around ever pipe before the flashing is installed

   4. Along every wall, chimney, or skylight where flashing will be installed.

Ice & water shield acts as an excellent back up protection in case any of these areas has a small leak or failure. We install ice & water shield in all these places and make sure it won't leak before any roofing is installed. With the new roof over top there is 2 layers everywhere on the roof for water to get through before it gets into your home.

Like any important system you need redundancy to be sure there's no problems. Even if there was a problem with the top layer, the second layer will do it's job and keep water out of your home.

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