Snow Retention Systems

Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 by Jodi Eisenhour

Snow retention systems are used to prevent snow and ice from sliding down and falling off the roof - an event that is dangerous to people below and that can damage buildings and building components. Snow guards or breaks are used on metal, slate and tile roofs and have a variety of methods of installing these devices to the roof surface. Snow guards can help in avoiding snow from piling up at entrance steps, damaging lower roofs, damaging gutter or even knocking them off, plumbing vents and shrubbery below. With snow guards in place, the snow will eventually blow away or remain on the roof until it is melted. Not only was the risk of damage to the objects and persons below avoided, but the banking of snow and ice at the eaves is prevented. Snow retention system can be installed various ways according to the type of roofing system being installed. The spacing depends on the guard type and how it is fastened, and more importantly on the total roof area not just the pitch of the roof. Snow guards can can be mounted by clamp-on, screw-in, clip-on, adhesive bonding and by structually connecting. Most snowguards on metal roofing materials are staggered and installed up to 20" apart and according to the metal roofing material selected are normally clamped on or screwed in.

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