Annual Company Picnic- 2017

The 2017 company picnic was held on Friday night, August 11th. Even though there were occasional showers we still managed to have a wonderful time. Ben & Miriam prepared all of the food except for a few side dishes employees provided. While the food was being prepared employees engaged in volleyball, quoits, and a little ruff football. The children enjoyed badminton and jumping on the trampoline. Once prayers were given employees lined up for a buffet-style meal including smoked pork chops cooked over the fire pit, grilled chicken & fresh fish which was caught by some of the Middle Creek team members. Many other fixings were served with the main meal including a dessert table. After dinner people were enjoying just lingering in conversation and sitting by the fire pit while those more active began playing volleyball again. The children gathered together for a John Deere Tractor pinata breaking event. As the sun was fading most team members headed for home. 

 Thank you to Ben & Miriam,

From all of us at Middle Creek

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