What you need to know about Chimney Flashing

What is chimney flashing?

Chimney flashing is a thin sheet metal material that is used to prevent the penetration of water into a home or building. 

Why is chimney flashing important?

Flashing is installed to create a waterproof seal that protects your roof and chimney from moisture. Your chimney leads down into your home through your fireplace. It is very essential to keep your flashing maintained. This is vital to ensure that you protect your home from severe water damage. 

How long should my chimney flashing last?

As long as your flashing is properly installed, it should last up to 30 years. The lifespan of your flashing will depend on things like the shape, size, and materials that were used to complete the flashing. 

Do all chimneys need flashing?

Flashing is required on the bottom, sides, and the top of the chimney. 

What is the best flashing around the chimney?

Copper flashing is usually the most ideal material due to its durability. 

Here are some examples of failed chimney flashing:

failed flashing on a home
Failed flashing on home's chimney.

Here are some examples of properly flashed chimneys: 

Properly installed chimney flashing courtesy of Middle Creek Roofing.
Copper chimney flashing installed courtesy of Middle Creek Roofing

If you need to have your chimney flashing inspected or need it replaced, give us a call at 1-717-949-2414!

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