Roof Replacement Customer Testimonial from Marcus & Jennifer S in Gladwyne, PA


When my wife and I bought a 1920s old stone house in Gladwyne and decided to build a family room addition, one of the challenges we faced was finding a first rate roofer to match the existing slate roof with the new addition.
Our house was covered in beautiful variegated slate. We wanted to match that as best we could so that the addition blended into the rest of the house. Several roofers hemmed and hawed about finding the right slate. Middle Creek Roofing had no qualms about searching for it and a few days later after looking at our house they found the right match.
The job they did was superb. You literally couldn’t tell the addition roof from the existing roof as Middle Creek didn’t just find the right material, they knew house to place it just so to reflect the original roof. This was truly a quality job.
Middle Creek are excellent to work with. Their representatives are efficient, honest and good listeners. The roofers are polite and hard-working with a can-do attitude that is getting harder and harden to find these days. And talk about efficient, we couldn’t believe how promptly they finished the job. I’m sure other roofers would have taken twice as long on a major job that only took Middle Creek a few days.
As for the pricing, Middle Creek were a tremendous value. No zip code pricing (or worse, brazen admission of zip code pricing.) Other roofers actually came in a twice the price on their estimate and they the sophistication required for our job. Middle Creek a offered a fair price with a precise estimate and the estimate was the final price.
Price, quality, a pleasure to work with I would recommend (and have already done so) to anyone wanted a quality job and with an eye for aesthetics.

- Marcus & Jennifer S of Gladwyne, PA
Friday, September 25th
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