Work Requests in Lebanon

Middle Creek Roofing is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Lebanon. Learn more about Middle Creek Roofing's recent work requests in Lebanon and nearby areas!

Learn more about Middle Creek Roofing's recent work requests in Lebanon, PA
Vicinity of Laurel St in Lebanon
Looking to do house, garage, shed
Vicinity of Cornwall RD in Lebanon
I need my garage roof redo. The shingles have slowly been coming off for years
Vicinity of Carpenter Ave in Lebanon
Roofing issue and installing some siding
Vicinity of Guilford St in Lebanon
Need to metal roof for patio back side to the house
Vicinity of Oak Street in Lebanon
I'm interested in getting an estimate for a metal roof above my porch and above 2 bumpouts.
Vicinity of Scull St in Lebanon
Roof is getting old looking to soon replace
Vicinity of Maple St in Lebanon
Main roof replaced
Vicinity of Elm St in Lebanon
Looking to have metal roof installed.
Vicinity of E Brookfield Dr in Lebanon
Looking for an estimate.
Vicinity of South Lincoln Ave in Lebanon
I'm looking to get a new roof in the next year looking for a quote
Vicinity of REXMONT ROAD in Lebanon
I am looking to replace my existing roof.
Vicinity of Grace Ave in Lebanon
Couple shingles missing and discolor
Vicinity of ROBIN RD in Lebanon
Vicinity of McCurdy Ln in Lebanon
Please need Metal roofing estimate for our home. Thank you.
Vicinity of Tiverton Court in Lebanon
We are looking to have our roof replaced.
Vicinity of Weymouth Dr. in Lebanon
The roof is almost 24 years old. There was a leak over the garage, and around 2 vents last fall which my son fixed. Also 4 shingles blew off. If I can afford it, I am hoping to replace the roof in the spring. Could I please get an estimate to replace the roof. Thanks.
Vicinity of Boyd St in Lebanon
I have A tin roof aprox 8x14 the roof needs replace along with the decking.. I'm looking for a reasonable quote
Vicinity of Cornwall Road in Lebanon
I am in need of replacing my gutters on my home, possibly my garage as well. Do you offer financing through a lender for your gutter projects? Thanks!
Vicinity of Grace Ave in Lebanon
Older roof looking to replace with metal. Ridge vent was leaking temporarily fixed. Want estimate on metal roof
Vicinity of East Chestnut in Lebanon
Shingles need to be replaced on garage before June 28th, 2019.
Vicinity of Richfield Drive in Lebanon
Free Estimate Roof and spouting.
Vicinity of Oak Street in Lebanon
Need a quote for a metal roof over my deck.Deck already trussed just needs metal sheeting installed.12x24.
Vicinity of Old Mine Rd in Lebanon
Looking for an estimate for a metal roof on the house and an asphalt roof on the garage. Or metal on both.
Vicinity of Hauck Street in Lebanon
Need a new main roof, porch roof and back porch. We currently have solar panels that we are scheduling to have removed so we can have a new roof installed.
Vicinity of Old Cumberland St in Lebanon
There is a leak outside the house in between a walkway to the basement..i would like to get the roof looked at to see if thats where its coming from
Vicinity of Sylvan Lane in Lebanon
Replace bowing rafters and new metal roof along with sofits and facias
Vicinity of Julia Lane in Lebanon
Home is for sale and home inspection revealed water stain in attic (currently dry). There was an issue 5 years ago with ridge vent during a storm but never had a problem since. Need to have roofer look at to determine if there is a current issue, and if so, what repairs are necessary.
Vicinity of Hillside Street in Lebanon
Roof, siding, gutters
Vicinity of Harding Street in Lebanon
The North side of my roof is leaking.
Vicinity of Garfield Ave in Lebanon
Roof has some leaks. Looking for a replacement.
Vicinity of Cypress Lane in Lebanon
On Thursday Sept 13 a gentlemen came out to look at a leaking roof problem I have. Came back on Friday Sept 14 took some pictures and got some measurements, and said he needed to talk to his boss and that his boss would get back to me, probably Monday. I'm still waiting to hear back about a solution and cost estimate. When do you think I will get a response
Vicinity of Moravian St in Lebanon
I need an estimate on replacing the shingles on the back half of my roof.
Vicinity of Edwards Ave in Lebanon
Leaking roof
Vicinity of in Lebanon
Roof needs replaced, leaking. Peaked roof on two story home.
Vicinity of Alden Lane in Lebanon
I need the back top roof replaced. Three tab shingles.
Vicinity of in Lebanon
I would like to get an estimate for a new roof on my home in Lebanon (I work in NYC - my daughter is living in the house). The estimate is for re-roofing of both the house and detached garage. I am looking to have the work done as soon you could fit in your schedule. i am also looking for the best price!
Vicinity of Royal Road in Lebanon
The main thing is age with shingles missing so it is time. I also have an area around a chimney that needs addressed. Not sure if you would handle that portion of if we would need to get someone else involved.
Vicinity of Acorn Drive in Lebanon
I am interested in getting a quote on a new roof. I recently bought my house and there has been some leaking problem on past and would like to find out how much it be to get roof redone before any other problems start.
Vicinity of Oak St in Lebanon
Need a new roof. Would like a free estimate for shingle replacement.
Vicinity of Village Ct in Lebanon
I live in a townhouse built in 1991 with the original roof, looking to get an estimate for replacement.
Vicinity of Carlton Drive in Lebanon
Vicinity of Mt. Wilson Rd in Lebanon
Estiment on a shingle roof, and siding
Vicinity of in Lebanon
Part of roof needs replaced, leaking
Vicinity of in Lebanon
Need to replace roof above our warhouse
Vicinity of Charles St in Lebanon
Need 2 sky lights replaced
Vicinity of in Lebanon
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: gutters. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Vicinity of Hauck Street in Lebanon
Hello there! Looking for estimates on how much just to do temporary patching and also how much for a whole roof removal and install. Please email or call at your earliest convenience :-)
Vicinity of Rexmont Road in Lebanon
Have an old slate roof on a 1870's home in Rexmont. Been patching spots where slate came loose over the years, but recent wind storm on March Ist & 2nd ripped off a 2X8 ft. section of slate. It is temporarily tarped right now. Need an estimate to replace roof with shingles or metal. Currently the slate is just attached to lath boards. (no plywood on roof)
Vicinity of Narrows Dr in Lebanon
I lost large patches of shingles on a 22 year old roof. It is time to replace.
Vicinity of Tunnel Hill Rd in Lebanon
We are missing 15-20 shingles on the front of our house.
Vicinity of Mount Zion Road in Lebanon
We are looking for estimates for a new roof. If you have anytime available on March 24th please let me know. The best way to get in contact with me is by email due to the fact I only get home from work at 5pm. Thank you
Vicinity of Cypress Lane in Lebanon
One shingle damaged due to recent wind. Over garage ( one story). Red roof matches brick front. Need to have area of roof repaired.
Vicinity of Oaklyn Road in Lebanon
Time for a new roof
Vicinity of Waterside Circle in Lebanon
Roof is 24 years old and would like to replace it. Would also like to replace (1) skylight and look at replacing the gutters.
Vicinity of East Pershing Ave in Lebanon
Need an estimate for repair due to a tree branch going through our slate roof. It was at the porch overhang. And an estimate for the roof itself possibly.
Vicinity of in Lebanon
Siding on attic dormer. Also underside work on my garage roofs.
Vicinity of Old Mt Gretna Rd. in Lebanon
New roof
Vicinity of W. Mifflin Street in Lebanon
We need a side porch roof replaced on one of our rental properties.
Vicinity of Locust Street in Lebanon
Roof leaks.. looking at prices for repair.
Vicinity of Church St in Lebanon
Roof leaks in one of the bedrooms.
Vicinity of Greble Rd in Lebanon
Looking for an estimate for roof replacement likely metal (stand seam style) sloped roof 25'x28 I believe.
Vicinity of Oak Street in Lebanon
I have a leak that has ruined one section of sheathing on one side of my roof that needs repaired/replaced, also my chimney leaks around it, I believe it needs new flashing, and I my ridge vent could probably use replacing.
Vicinity of in Lebanon
Shingle roof has some spots that are coming up and will likely need replaced, but depending on cost we may need to just have it repaired for the time being. Would also like to discuss insulation of the roof; currently the attic is finished with no ridge vent. May want to have a ridge vent installed and insulate the attic as an unfinished space.
Vicinity of Walden Road in Lebanon
Our biggest concern is cost of a new roof. Our roof is original to the home that was built in the 90's and we have had some leaks but thought they had been addressed - apparently not since I found new spots on our ceilings in the upstairs.
Vicinity of Sycamore Lane in Lebanon
Small roof leak near the ridge of the house
Vicinity of Diamond Drive in Lebanon
I would like a price on replacing our current shingled house roof with a seem less metal roof.
Vicinity of Sandhill Road in Lebanon
I have a 50 x 60 foot utility building. Half of it is still good with standing seam metal. The other half is deteriorating roll roofing. The pitch is only 1:12 so I'm thinking about rubber.
Vicinity of Jayann Drive in Lebanon
Roof is over 30 years old and plywood is very weak in some spots.
Vicinity of Farmstead Circle in Lebanon
Contemporary 2 story house with multiple roof levels need ridge caps and architectural shingles that are algae resistant
Vicinity of Sunset Ln in Lebanon
Vicinity of Chestnut St in Lebanon
I am selling my home and FHA appraisal is requiring some roof repairs. I can provide pictures of the needed work.
Vicinity of CEDARVIEW DR in Lebanon
Hello, I'd like to get an estimate for a new roof. Our home is 22 years old and starting to loose shingles. Thanks. Jeff
Vicinity of MOUNT WILSON RD in Lebanon
I would like a quote to replace my kitchen roof and for repairs to a carport roof.
Vicinity of Henry Houck Lane in Lebanon
Looking for quote on new residential roof. Thank you.