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Boral TruExterior™ siding offers the beauty of wood without the many downsides.

Installing new siding is a very popular home improvement project, but many homeowners face the challenge of finding the right siding material for their home. You want a siding material that is both beautiful and long-lasting, but not every siding material can do both.

Boral TruExterior™ Siding is just what you're looking for. Not only does it look just as beautiful as real wood, but it also offers workability that exceeds wood and is long-lasting. These are the first man-made siding profiles to look like genuine wood while still offering excellent stability and durability.

At Middle Creek Roofing we're experts in siding installation and can provide your home with the perfect upgrade. Contact us today online or call 1-717-210-5980 to learn more and schedule your free siding installation cost estimate in Reading, Allentown, Bethlehem, and the nearby areas of Pennsylvania.

Benefits of Boral TruExterior™ siding:

  • Beautiful: Wood is one of the most attractive siding types but suffers many issues due to moisture warping and the like. TruExterior™ siding provides the same beautiful aesthetic without suffering from the moisture related and issues common to wood.
  • Durable: TruExterior™ siding is very durable and contains no wood fiber which lets it avoid the moisture issues that commonly plague wood. It also offers more dimensional stability which lets it avoid many of the movement issues that occur with PVC and vinyl.
  • Design Options: TruExterior™ siding come pre-primed and ready to paint. It can be painted with any high-grade exterior paint allowing for nearly limitless variety.
  • Sustainable: The U.S Green Building Council (USGBC) endorses the refined and recovered coal combustion products (fly ash) used in TruExterior™ siding construction. TruExterior™ siding's polymer chemistry also helps make it sustainable.

Beautiful and durable trim to match

Don't ask yourself how to deal with bad siding. Boral offers more than just beautiful TruExterior™ siding. They also offer TruExterior™ trim as the perfect compliment. These trim options offer many of the same benefits as Boral's TruExterior™ siding and our expert team of siding contractors can install TruExterior™ trim as well. Just like the siding, this trim is high performance and resists rotting, splitting, cracking, termites, and can be painted nearly any color you can think of.

Upgrade to Boral TruExterior™ siding or trim today!

If you're interested in improving your home's siding, Boral TruExterior™ siding is the perfect solution. We also offer beautiful Boral TruExterior™ trim. As your local siding installation contractor, we will work with you to find the perfect style and design for your home and give you a quality installation. Call us today to get started with a free siding installation cost estimate in Reading, Allentown, Bethlehem, Abington, Bensalem, Levittown, Haverford, Cheltenham, Havertown, Harrisburg, and throughout the surrounding areas. 

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